03 Oct

Microcredits, also for whims!


That if economic crisis, that if unforeseen, that if Christmas gifts, gifts of Magi, gifts of Valentine’s day, birthday gifts … yes, giving is very good, but, with so much purchase for others, what is ours ? When can we afford to buy that garment that we liked so much in our favorite store? When can we buy the mobile we want or the laptop or tablet we need to work?

Yes. That is one of the great mistakes we make, that we pay too much attention to others, but we don’t spoil ourselves or take care of ourselves. And if we don’t do it, it’s because many times we think about money.

In general, it costs us to disburse dollars because we know not only how much it costs us to earn it but also how much it costs us to keep it. The issue of “savings” for Spaniards has practically fallen into disuse because we can no longer do it and, of course, without savings we cannot afford certain whims such as going shopping one day.


Well, we can’t do it unless we request microcredits

Well, we can


Because this type of financial solution is one of the few alternatives we have when we fall in love with a product or article and cannot afford it in any other way. And it is that microcredits are fast credits of small amounts that we can request in trusted financial institutions.

Lending companies are considered as a resource so you can request as many microcredit as you want and for what you need. We don’t care what you want money for, we don’t want explanations, it’s enough that you have a need for us to grant you your wish.


Loan for your wishes

Loan for your wishes


Because we want to please you and we want you, for one day, to give yourself the whim you want, that you deserve it too!

And for you to see how flexible we are, we tell you the steps you should take:

  1. First of all, access our “Loans and Credits” tab and, within it, go to the “Mini-credits” section. 
  2. Read the requirements that we are going to ask you to verify that you meet them.
  3. Go to the section “How much money do you need?” And choose the amount you want (up to 300 dollars) and the period in which you think you can return it.
  4. Go to the following chart and fill in your personal data, your contact information and the data of the company where you work.
  5. Click on “Request.”

And now, just wait for us to grant it to you!

Why don’t you see it so complicated to treat yourself with our microcredits?